Round Table Writers is a multi-generational and multi-genre community of writers from all over the world. 

Our motto of “Artists Supporting Artists” highlights our primary goal: to foster a global creative community for writers of all levels and ages.

Artists Supporting Artists. Lifting one-another up.

Joining Round Table Writers is always free and open to all members of the writing community. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment that fosters growth and exploration. We promote the philosophy of enlightened generalism in our efforts, believing that the best writers are those who seek the broadest experiences.

Members of the Round Table take their work into the world in a variety of ways, from writing popular fiction to professional journalism. The community helps by building awareness and promoting the work of its members, and by encouraging members to strive for new experiences and dimensions. 

Round Table Writers maintains a Discord community with multiple weekly writing sessions hosted through video chat. Trusted members gain access to the Round Table Writing Academy, a space to share work for critique and explore lessons offered by members of the community.