Community Social Events

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Next Social:

March 27th at 1PM Pacific (4PM Eastern).

Round Table Writers is a social environment first and fore: all of our goals involving connecting artists and thinkers with one another, regardless of distance, background, or working genre! We believe that the connection of seemingly disparate backgrounds is what makes a community vibrant and creative and we encourage our members to attend social events like weekly write-ins and our workshop series.

Ever few months we hold a larger social event in order to provide a chance for those who can't make the weekly write-in to meet and hang out with other members. We chat about our work, maybe play a trivia game, and sometimes will read snippets of our work (or anything that inspires us) aloud as an impromptu open mic.

These events are convivial, no-pressure spaces open to new and old members alike. Join in to make new friends, have some fun, and connect with your fellow artists and writers!

To attend, simply join our main Discord. The events take place in the Round Table Cafe channel. Make sure you've introduced yourself in #introductions in order to obtain access to the Cafe.