Round Table Radio

Round Table Radio is the Round Table Writers community podcast!

Produced by Round Table Writers, Round Table Radio brings everything that matters to our community to the public sphere. Any long-time member in good standing can submit an episode to the podcast, making ours a truly eclectic community-driven project.

We also have mainstay content, with a weekly episode by Round Table Writers founder Odin Halvorson, as well as biweekly and planned monthly regular episodes.

You can listen to Round Table Radio anywhere you normally listen to podcasts, as well as directly from our blockchain-based host, Aureal.


The second season of Round Table Radio is in the planning stages! The goal for season two is more live content with indie and new authors, as well as with people undertaking cool projects throughout the broader writing community. Check back here, or follow us on Twitter, to be notified when season two starts ramping up!