Round Table Writers Internships: Current Openings

Social Media Intern (Remote)

Are you passionate about community? Do you want to help build an international group of friends within the writing and arts communities? This might be the perfect position for you!

We ask that you commit 2 months of your time to Round Table Writers, with a minimum of 3 hours of work per week.


  • Must be able to work independently toward weekly deadlines

  • Must be able to follow written instructions carefully

  • Must have great attention to detail

  • Must have excellent communication and follow-up skills

  • Extensive knowledge of Twitter

  • Willingness to research and apply SEO trends.

You will be responsible for maintaining the RTW Twitter account, feeding posts to the TweetDeck queue, running weekly #SelfPromo events for the writing community, and handling Twitter-based advertising for both Round Table Writers and Round Table Radio. You'll also be expected to interact with comments on our Twitter posts, as you see them, and generally maintain our activity levels there.

This internship is remote and is open to anyone as a volunteer position. This is a perfect opportunity for a high school senior, or college student, looking to add more to their resume.

At the successful completion of your two-month internship, you will receive a professional letter of recommendation.

Email your resume and cover letter to
rtw (dot) community (at) gmail (dot) com to apply!